Vegetation Ecology and Spatial Information Lab

A long journey to the vegetation research

About me

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Resources, National Chiayi University

Research Topics:

Plant ecology, vegetation ecology, alpine ecology, species distribution models, ecoinformatics, citizen science

Professional Expertise:

Mountaineering, Geographical Information System (GIS), software development (Python, R, relational database with PostgreSQL)

Previous academic work experience

Postdoctoral researcher, Biodiversity Research Center, National Taiwan University

Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University

Field investigation at the LIN summit

Climate change is the most urgent issue since we have encountered impactful consequences in the past few decades, such as strong typhoons, extreme rainfalls, and even hot winters. Dr. Cheng-Tao Lin from the Department of Biological Resources leads a team to enter the heart of Central Mountain Ranges and Hsueh-Shan Mountain Ranges to monitor the influences of alpine summit vegetation induced by climate change. This project is funded by Forestry Bureau and has continued for over a decade. The former project investigator Dr. Ho-Yi Liu (National Sun Yat-sen University), who initiated this project, has surveyed many summits in Taiwan and established preliminary monitoring sites following a standard procedure named GLORIA (Global Observation Research Initiative on Alpine Environments) multi-summit approach. The data collected through the past three resurveys showed a significant temperature increase among the high-mountain summits in Taiwan. Dr. Lin’s team also found there was a declining tendency of water balance because the potential evapotranspiration significantly increased from 2014– more